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The number one table tennis school

Ideal training conditions in the BUTTERFLY table tennis school

Ideal training conditions, experienced coaches and top class sport really up close. Health club, spa, pool and sauna. Restaurants, bars and bowling. woods and meadows, recreation and fun. And a lot more. where to find all this combinded? Most probably only in Grenzau. At our table tennis resort.

Table tennis fans from all over the world are excited about the exceptional atmosphere in Grenzau. They rave about world class athletes at close range, professional training programmes and experienced coaches that make them improve their skills no matter how old they are or what is their level or performance. And they are enthusiastic about our multifaceted hotel. No big surprise many of them have become regular guests. 

Training camps for more than 40 years with more than 100.000 participants. Most probably the biggest table tennis school in the world.

Experienced coaches take care of professional training according to latest methods including system and many balls training as well as video analysis. The units are individually designed for all levels from beginners to advanced or elite players.

We are very proud of our modern training centre that meets all the requirements for perfect practice of our favourite sport. Conditions are ideal in Grenzau. Pros and participants of our courses train at the same gym.

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