The small village

Castle ruin and ancient timbered houses. It’s history and it’s alive. 

Grenzau is part of Höhr-Grenzhausen, the "capital" of the region called Kannenbäckerland. Our hotel is located in a wildly romantic valley and is surrounded by forests and meadows. The river Brexbach runs right through our extensive hotel grounds.

Höhr-Grenzhausen is a traditional ceramic city and offers many unique attractions. For centuries the pottery handicraft has defined the culture and you can visit one of the many (small) local producers. Each one of them manufactures very individual pottery – from classic to modern, from everyday use to art objects.

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  • Hotel Zugbrücke Grenzau
  • Keramik Westerwald
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Destination tips

Woods and meadows, castles and fortresses, wine and medieval tradition – all of this right on the ZUGBRÜCKE’s doorsteps. Explore the many attractions and activities in one of the most diverse regions of Germany.

You don’t have to drive far to see the most interesting corners of our area. Koblenz is just 15 km away – with its 2000 year-old history it’s one of the oldest and one of the most beautiful German cities. Narrow alleys are winding through the old town, where you pass impressive churches, castles, noble residences and townhouses. A lot of visitors come each year just to see the famous Deutsche Eck, a spectacular landmark where the two streams, Rhein and Mosel, meet.

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