Z-our restaurant

Z is local. Z stands for home and nature. Z stands for life and indulgence. Z stands for subtle hospitality: rustic yet refined with fresh local herbal cuisine. The ZUGBRÜCKE is surrounded by a stunning landscape with the ancient, 800 year-old castle of Grenzau towering above the valley. This is our inspiration. The inspiration for our modern architecture as well as for our special take on our menus and the finely selected drinks.

Welcome to Z!

Pizza. Beer. Bowling.

A winning triple. Just give it a try while you stay at the ZUGBRÜCKE. Or even after or before. Our fresh BREXX. Locals come here to enjoy our home-brewed craft beer and our special handmade pizza. And to bowl, of course – because it’s great fun.

Ciao at BREXX!

Cube Bar & Lounge.

Cool location. To relax or party. Enjoy your nightcap at our CUBE. We have the best cocktails and the biggest selection of spirits in the region – and beyond.

I ...